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Through the eyes of…our Project Assistants

5 Dec 2021

News Story

SCO in Craigmillar is a five-year programme of creative cross-artform workshops and performances for residents of all ages. Throughout the programme the SCO will provide accredited placements and volunteering opportunities for students in Higher and Further Education who wish to develop their knowledge and experience of Creative Learning, Music Education, and Community Music practices.
We go behind the scenes and hear from some of the student volunteers currently assisting in our weekly workshops in Craigmillar.

What drew you to this opportunity?

I was drawn to the Dots and Lines workshop after hearing about the inspiration behind the sessions. Caroline has put a huge amount of thought into how dots and lines can be used as a visual aid to show different styles of music and fun activities to facilitate hugely formative musical experiences for young children. Adam Auchie - Dots and Lines Assistant - University of Edinburgh - Member of SCO Youth Advisory Council.

Apart from being able to see top musicians at work, I am very interested in the therapeutic benefits of music for people with dementia. Alex Hendrie - ReConnect Assistant - Edinburgh College.

Providing a space where creativity is encouraged can allow participants to find their own unique voice and develop a sense of identity
I have been so impressed by the professionalism and compassion that the SCO bring to the project

How does creativity impact the people you are working with?

Creativity is a behaviour that young children naturally engage in. I believe that providing a space where their creativity is encouraged and valued, can allow participants to find their own unique voice, unlock their own learning, and develop a sense of identity, whilst building a community around them. Heather McCann. Craigmillar Voices Assistant - Trinity Laban.

What stands out about the workshops?

A particular moment that stands out was the first week after the October break. Before the break, one of the children had become quite agitated and anxious in the workshop. Yet, coming back, he was enthusiastic to engage himself and take lead! It was amazing to see the child’s development and it was clear that music had a significant effect on his confidence! Polly Lightbody, Soundmoves Assistant, Queen Margaret University, University of Aberdeen Graduate.

Perhaps the most memorable aspect of the workshops for me is our impact on the nursery’s community and the children's development. In the beginning, the children were relatively shy and at times, lacking in confidence in their musicality. After a few short weeks, the groups came out of their shells, involving themselves in singing, dancing, and artwork. Adam

I have been so impressed by the professionalism and compassion that the SCO members bring to the project. I am convinced that is why we see such positive results with the participants (and the care staff). Alex

Caroline the workshop leader smiles while holding the picture of 'Mr Blue Circle'
Credit: Sandy Butler 2021

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