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Brahms: Hungarian Dances

Joseph Swensen conductor / violin




Brahms: Violin Concerto & Hungarian Dances

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It's just about perfect

Violin Concerto in D major Op. 77
Hungarian Dances, No. 1 in G minor (orch. Brahms)
Hungarian Dances, No. 8 in A minor (orch. Gal)
Hungarian Dances, No. 19 in B minor (orch. Dvorak)
Hungarian Dances, No. 2 in D minor (orch. Hallen)
Hungarian Dances, No. 18 in D major (orch. Dvorak)
Hungarian Dances, No. 9 in E minor (orch. Gal)
Hungarian Dances, No. 21 in E minor (orch. Dvorak)
Hungarian Dances No. 20 in E minor (orch. Dvorak)
Hungarian Dances, No. 3 in F major (orch. Brahms)
Hungarian Dances, No. 6 in D major (orch. Schmeling)
Hungarian Dances, No. 7 in A major (orch. Schmeling)
Hungarian Dances, No. 10 in F major (orch. Brahms)
Hungarian Dances, No. 17 in F-sharp minor (orch. Dvorak)
Hungarian Dances, No. 5 in G minor (orch. Schmeling)

Another triumphant success for director Joseph Swensen and the Scottish Chamber Orchestra.

The beguiling lyrical melodies of the Violin Concerto belie its formidable technical demands; Swensen proves the master of Brahms' frequent use of multiple stopping, broken chords, rapid scale passages and shifting rhythms. Playing a 1715 Stradivarius Swensen showcases honeyed tone colours with effortless bravura executing Joachim's dazzling Cadenza with aplomb.

Swensen's authoritative command produces well-characterised and energetic performances in the selection of Hungarian Dances orchestrated by Dvorak, Schmeling and Brahms himself, among others. Guided by Swensen the SCO give dynamic, technically assured and intimate readings overflowing with the subtle touches and flourishes.

Dedicated to Donald and Louise MacDonald.

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