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Exciting news about Edinburgh's new concert hall!

19 Jan 2023

News Story

Alison Rose meets Gavin Reid to visit the site as Royal Bank of Scotland hands over the lease to build the Dunard Centre concert hall.

We are delighted to announce that the final step towards constructing the Dunard Centre, set to be the new home for the Scottish Chamber Orchestra, has been completed. The ownership of land behind Dundas House, on St Andrews Square in Edinburgh, has been transferred to IMPACT Scotland, the charity behind the new concert hall. Building work can therefore begin later this year.

To celebrate the occasion, the site was visited by Alison Rose, Chief Executive of the NatWest Group (of which the Royal Bank of Scotland is part) and Gavin Reid, Co-Chair of IMPACT Scotland and Chief Executive of the Scottish Chamber Orchestra.

Alison Rose said: “Edinburgh is a global capital and world stage for international arts, culture and music. The Dunard Centre will provide further space to continue that tradition and offer further opportunity for more musicians and artists to develop and create. This project is a great example of what can be achieved with close collaboration across the city’s public and private sectors. Royal Bank of Scotland is delighted to play a part in helping bring this project to life.”

Alison Rose and Gavin Reid examine the scale model of the Dunard Centre.

Gavin Reid said: “Together, we are building a bold and brilliant venue which is an expression of faith in our city, our country and our future. The Dunard Centre will be a place where musicians and audiences come together to create and share extraordinary experiences. Through this final design stage we are enjoying the challenge of ensuring excellence in every surface, corridor, seat and handrail. Every detail of the building will be finely tuned to make sure that concert going is an inspirational and exhilarating experience."

Designed by David Chipperfield Architects and Nagata Acoustics, the Dunard Centre is to house an auditorium seating 1000 people and provide a new home for the Scottish Chamber Orchestra. It is also set to be an iconic new venue for the Edinburgh International Festival, rivalling any in the world for its acoustic, design and intimacy. Both the SCO and EIF will be key supporters of and contributors to a year-round education and outreach programme. Partnerships will allow for opportunities to enable people to enjoy culture throughout their lives, whether as participants or audiences.

The Dunard Centre is being funded through substantial philanthropic donations, including the visionary support of Dunard Fund (a long-term funder of the arts and music in Scotland), and underpinned by £25 million support from the Scottish and UK governments and the City of Edinburgh Council, as part of the City Region Deal.

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