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Join Sir Scallywag on his adventure as he goes in search of the Golden Underpants by learning the songs with composer Paul Rissmann. The music accompanies the book by author Giles Andreae, with illustrations by Korky Paul and published by Puffin. You can explore these resources with early primary classes or at home.



Make a Soundscape

A soundscape is a sound setting – it helps paint a picture of the story. To create a soundscape, use some percussion instruments, body percussion (clapping or stamping) or your voices!

You can use any part of the story, but for now, let’s imagine the Palace at night.

  1. Read a section of the story, or pick one of the pictures. After reading/looking at the picture in detail ask yourself, “what can you hear happening?” In the palace at night you might hear: a snore, a cough, a yawn, footsteps, mice…
  2. Pick three or four of these sounds e.g. a yawn, some mice and a snore. Practise them in a group or with your family. Then split up and give each person a sound. Listen to each person make their sound. Then decide on an order: which person should go first? For example, your piece might go like this: Yawn Mice Snore Yawn Mice
  3. Give your soundscape a structure. Decide on a final order for your sounds. Remember that a sound can come back more than once, and you could have more than one sound at the same time. Once you have a structure that everyone can remember, you could explore ‘dynamics’ – i.e. volume – by trying out loud and quiet sounds.

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