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Welcome to Term 2 of Pictures at an Exhibition!

Before you start, make sure your music is in the correct order:

Promenade 1, Gnome, Promenade 2, The Old Castle, Promenade 3, Tuileries (Children's row after playing), Bydlo, Promenade 4, Ballet of the Unhatched Chicks, Samuel Goldenberg & Schmuyle, Promenade 5, Limoges Market (Big News!), Catacombs (Roman Tombs), Cum mortuis in lingua mortua, The Hut on Hen's Legs (Baba Yaga) & The Great Gate of Kiev

If you haven't printed it off yet, you can find all musical parts here.

Week 8

Susie Dingle rehearses Catacombs and Cum mortuis in lingua mortua with fifteen SCO musicians.

Week 7

Susie Dingle rehearses Promenade 5 and Limoges Market (Big News!) with fifteen SCO musicians.

Week 6

Susie Dingle rehearses Samuel Goldenberg and Schmuyle with fifteen SCO musicians.

Week 5

Susie Dingle rehearses Ballet of the Unhatched Chicks with fifteen SCO musicians.

Week 4

Susie Dingle rehearses Bydlo and Promenade 4 with fifteen SCO musicians.

Week 3

Susie Dingle rehearses Promenade 3 and Tuileries with fifteen SCO musicians.

Week 2

Susie Dingle rehearses Promenade 2 and The Old Castle with fifteen SCO musicians.

Week 1

Susie Dingle rehearses Promenade 1 and Gnome with fifteen SCO musicians.

Full Performance

Susie Dingle conducts fifteen SCO musicians through a full performance of Pictures at an Exhibition. Enjoy watching and listening, or even join in if you're feeling brave!

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