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Gregory Batsleer

The SCO Chorus, tightly rehearsed by chorus director Gregory Batsleer, brought the whole piece to life, alert to every nuance in their beautifully enunciated text, their sound perfectly balanced and topped with a golden soprano line. A revelatory evening.

***** - The Observer (Mendelssohn Elijah, BBC Proms, 2023)

The SCO Chorus have seldom sung better: their blend was rich and resonant, their rhythms crisp and bracing, their ensemble impeccable, and they paced themselves carefully across Haydn’s ever more exuberant songs of celebration. Quite simply an evening of musical joy …

The Scotsman ***** (Haydn Creation Oct 2022)

The SCO Chorus, trained to within an inch of their lives by Gregory Batsleer, sang this music with truth and thrilling conviction.

The Times (MacMillan Seven Last Words, February 2019)

The SCO Chorus under Gregory Batsleer was mesmerising, pitch perfect and dramatic ... totally committed to express every nuance of this intense work.

Bachtrack (MacMillan Seven Last Words, February 2019)