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Read and Draw The Great Grumpy Gaboon

30 Jan 2024

News Story

Get to know the Great Grumpy Gaboon!

Written and illustrated by Corrina Campbell, the story of the Great Grumpy Gaboon is that of friendship and forgiveness. Ahead of the premiere performances in February, you can become familiar with the characters and learn the story behind the concert.

Elements of this story will be narrated, so you can be ready to read along at the performances.

Corrina also shows you how to draw our grumpy friend, the Gaboon, in this fun video below, and there is a printable activity sheet for you to explore as well!

You can find all SCO family resources here.

Plain text version:

Written by Corrina Campbell

Look high, look low,
Look all around.
There in the shadows
Screature is found.

With beady black eyes
And long pointy snout
A lonely sad creature
Lurking about.

Yet cunning and devious,
Screature knows what to do.
Yes, taking the key

Will cause hullabaloo!
With a wink of an eye
And mischievous grin
There’s no time to wait
So let the story begin…..

Come North to the mountains, where no one dares go.
Where the land smells of green and blue rivers flow,
Where strange sticky plants with feathers can grow.
Come with me now, tip toe tip toe…

Watch out for the zippers buzzing about!
Take care not to tread on a brocket or sprout,
But who are these creatures lying here on the ground?
Let’s not disturb them, shhhhh…don’t make a sound!

Fluey-Loo welcomes the morning with song
Figwidges and fleeboppers all singing along.

Then Long-legged Lin
With a stretch and a yawn
Joins in the great chorus
The choir of the dawn.

But snuggled and cosy
Ignoring the cries
The Wello still sleepy
Rolls over and sighs.

A wriggle and squirm
A jump and a shake
Up pops a head
And the Boppit awakes.

But wait just a minute
It’s not very clear.
Who is this creature?
Sat just over here?

Its wings are feathered but its arms are furred.
It has claws like a sloth, yet wings like a bird.
And look at its tummy, protruding and round,
See how it’s snoring, right there on the ground!

Stand back, watch out, give it plenty of room
For I am convinced this is a Gaboon!
Muttering and moaning, Gaboon opens both eyes
The friends all then stop, for this is a surprise!

Just hear all those grumbles, those groans and those grumps.
Yes, poor old Gaboon is down in the dumps
And what is that awful and terrible tune!?
This is without doubt the Grumpy Gaboon!

The creatures all ponder
Oh, what could they do?
To stop poor Gaboon
From feeling so blue?

So together they tried all afternoon
They toasted Guzoombas and dipped in la-lune
They sang and danced (not always in tune)
But NOTHING cheered up the Grumpy Gaboon.

“I’ve got it” cried Fluey, out of the blue
“The All-Knowing Umpet, he’ll know what to do!”
The journey would take them more than a day
So they packed up their things and left right away.

They squelched through the mud.
Battled rain and then snow.
They crept through the forest where scary things grow.

Then taking a boat, crossed Loufoofah Lagoon
Bringing with them their friend, the Grumpy Gaboon.

But in all the commotion they hadn’t spotted a creature
Hidden in darkness, the mischievous Screature!

Who knew the reason that Gaboon felt so bad
Having stolen the key and made Gaboon sad.

But Screature stayed silent, hidden from view
Watching and waiting, not sure what to do.

Finally they found the Umpet’s great lair
Where the All-Knowing Umpet sat high on a chair.

With a wave of a hand, Umpet welcomed them in
Offered them moon-buttons and a mug of hot min.

Then ushering them close and drawing them near
Said the All-Knowing Umpet, “I know why you’re here”

And as Umpet spoke, as if to prove it were true
Gaboon gave a loud grumble, exactly on cue.

With sympathetic nod and an air of mystique
Umpet, undeterred, continued to speak…

“Forgiveness is important, kindness is key.
Feelings are real, I am sure you’ll agree.

To stop being grumpy, you’ll need help from your friends
But this will not be where this story ends.

Look high, look low, look all around
Explore every inch
And try every sound.

Don’t be afraid
You’ll know what to do
Then maybe, just maybe
You’ll find happiness too.”

So they searched and they searched, they looked all around
They looked high, they looked low but nothing was found.

Gaboon felt helpless and slumped on the ground.
The friends all fell silent,
But then…… a small sound.

Quick as a flash the creature started to run.
“After it!” cried Boppit, “Come on everyone!”

They ran and they ran and they grabbed that small creature.
Then all became clear, it was the mischievous Screature!

They hadn’t been wrong. They were not mistaken.
For there was the key that Screature had taken

Finally Gaboon let out a great cheer
No longer grumpy, the key was now here.

Not a grump or a grumble
A mumble or moan.

While the creatures all cheered
Screature sat all alone.

Screature felt sorry and sad and upset.
Filled with remorse and deep dark regret.

But we all need good friends when we’re feeling blue
This is one thing Gaboon knew to be true.

Showing forgiveness to others in need -
This is important, the friends all agreed.

“Screature!” cried Gaboon, “You’re welcome to stay”
And a new friendship was born on that very day.

And high on the mountain, silhouetted by sun
The Umpet was smiling, indeed kindness had won.

Friends altogether by the light of the moon
They toasted Guzoombas and dipped in la-lune
They sang and they danced in wonderous tune!
To celebrate their friend The Great Grumpy Gaboon

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