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List of News Articles

  1. Andrew Manze: "A Principal Guest Conductor should complement the work of the Chief"

    8 April 2024

    We speak to the much-loved regular SCO collaborator about bringing one of his favourite composers to new audiences.
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  2. Tea Dance concert: an interview with Kenny Moffat

    18 March 2024

    We speak to a member of the Scottish Dementia Working Group about what to expect from an SCO Tea Dance concert.
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  3. Sir James MacMillan: "there is great power in Scottish traditional music"

    26 February 2024

    With the SCO performing two of his works (including a world premiere) in late April, we speak to Scotland's greatest living composer.
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  4. Helen Grime: "I wanted to set poems about Joy"

    12 February 2024

    We speak to composer Helen Grime ahead of the UK premiere of her song cycle 'It will be spring soon'.
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  5. Ale Carr: "The Four Seasons mostly consists of a good collection of folk tunes"

    5 February 2024

    What is a cittern, and how does it fit into Vivaldi's masterpiece? We spoke to Ale Carr to find out ...
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  6. The Great Grumpy Gaboon: a chat with Jay Capperauld and Corrina Campbell

    14 November 2023

    What is a Gaboon, and why is it grumpy? We chatted to the creators of our new Family Festival to find out ...
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  7. Gregory Batsleer: "Schubert's Mass in A-flat is a real hidden gem"

    6 November 2023

    We spoke to the SCO Chorus Director about a little-known part of Schubert's oeuvre.
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  8. Benjamin Grosvenor on Mendelssohn's piano music: "the first concerto is a fine example of his effortless craftsmanship"

    30 October 2023

    We interview one of the finest pianists working today about Mendelssohn, his piano music and what makes playing with the SCO so special.
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  9. Thea Musgrave: "I will never not be Scottish"

    16 October 2023

    Another dive into SCO history as we interview the composer about her work The Seasons and her association with the Orchestra.
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  10. Colin Currie: "getting to work with the SCO for many years now has been absolutely brilliant"

    9 October 2023

    Celebrating an ongoing close relationship, we chat to Colin Currie about his forthcoming appearance with the SCO in Steve Reich +.
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  11. Errollyn Wallen: "anyone from anywhere can be a composer"

    2 October 2023

    Ahead of the world premiere of her Dances for Orchestra, an interview with composer Errollyn Wallen.
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  12. Sally Beamish: "I enjoy waiting to see what pops up next"

    11 September 2023

    To launch our 2023/24 Digital Season, an interview with composer (and former SCO Principal Viola) Sally Beamish.
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