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Hello and a very warm welcome to Pictures at an Exhibition!

Pictures at an Exhibition is a project for all to enjoy, no matter your age, level or location. The project took place from September 2020 - March 2021, however, all the resources remain on our website once published, so you can join in at any point and keep practising those tricky sections!

Both terms feature rehearsal and instructional videos from SCO musicians and our partners On each page you will find a set of videos and newly arranged parts for three different skill levels, created especially for this project by Katrina Gordon. Choose what suits you best according to whether you are a beginner, a learner, or a more advanced musician. Once you've worked your way through the weeks, try joining in with the play through video featuring fifteen SCO musicians and conductor Susie Dingle.

Feeling Inspired?

We hope our resources inspire other creative responses such as art, poetry, writing, or even new compositions. Send your responses in for the chance to be featured on our website!

Our Gallery!

Rachel, 'Catacombs' Selfie

'Catacombs' Selfie

I hadn't expected to be inspired in the way you have been appealing for, but have surprised myself.


Susie, 'Catacombs' Selfie

Pamela, 'Catacombs' Selfie

Really enjoying being part of this. The tuition is so clear and friendly and the background information, illuminating.


Sue, 'Catacombs' Selfie

Susie, 'Catacombs' Selfie

I’m sure generations of amateur musicians to come will thank you for this clear and straightforward approach, especially divided up into manageable chunks.


Riona, 'Catacombs' Selfie

Nic, Selfie

Martin, 'Catacombs' Selfie

Katrina, 'Catacombs' Selfie

It gives me other people to play with (so good for keeping my intonation steady), and a different challenge every week.


Peter, 'Catacombs' Selfie

Martha (8 years old), Limoges

Martha (8 years old), Ballet of the Unhatched Chicks

Martha (8 years old), Tuileries

Elizabeth (10 years old), The Old Castle

Martha (8 years old), The Old Castle

Elizabeth (10 years old), Gnome

Martha (8 years old), Gnome

Martha (8 years old), Christmas Gnome

This project is delivered in partnership with

Our Creative Learning Partner

This project was made possible by the generous support of Baillie Gifford. Their sponsorship is enabling us to reach thousands of people in communities across Scotland.