Emily Dellit Imbert

First Violin

Dellit, Emily - biographyEmily Dellit Imbert is originally from Australia and studied at the Queensland Conservatorium, where she was awarded the 2006 Griffith University Medal for Exceptional Achievement. This was followed by violin and viola studies at the Zürich Hochschule der Kunste, and a Master of Performance in violin at the Guildhall School in London. Her teachers have been Michele Walsh, Rudolf Koelman, Wendy Enderle-Champney, and David Takeno. As a soloist and chamber musician, Emily has been a prize-winner in numerous competitions, including the acclaimed Haverhill Soloist competition in the UK, and the Cosmo and Buono International String Competition in New York. Emily has enjoyed a busy freelance career in London, and regularly takes place in chamber music festivals around the world.

60 Seconds with Emily

Why did you choose your instrument?
At age 5, my mother offered for me to start taking piano lessons at the music school where my older brother was already studying. I told her I was happy to learn an instrument, but it had to be violin. I don't remember where I got the idea - I must have seen it on TV or something and thought it was cool! Despite my mother's best efforts to persuade me otherwise, I remained adamant that it was violin, or nothing. 25 years later, I'm very happy to have won that battle!

What do you love most about playing your instrument?
The repertoire, the possibilities for performance in a variety of different combinations with other instrumentalists and ensembles, the fact that it takes me around the world meeting new people and discovering new places, and allows me to follow a career that I love.

What is it like to perform in a concert?
Never boring, sometimes nerve-wracking, often fun, and always exciting!