Institut fran├žais d'Ecosse

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Founded in 1946, the Institut français d’Ecosse is the Scottish outpost of the French Embassy in the United Kingdom. Part of a worldwide network, it encourages cross-cultural exchange and presents the best of French culture, offering French courses, talks, live music and theatre performances, film screenings, library collections, kids activities and festivals.

Creating a new alliance, we have developed a fruitful partnership and are immensely thankful to Emmanuel Cocher and the Institut for their ongoing in-kind support of the SCO. The 2019/20 Season sees them kindly supporting our performances of The Magic Harp with Xavier de Maistre.

The Magic Harp

Consul General Emmanuel Cocher said, "The Scottish Chamber Orchestra is not only one of the very finest classical music ensembles, but it is true to a few essential and decisive commitments: Europe as a natural space for cultural dialogue and cross-inspiration, creation with regular commissions, engagement with audiences across the country and abroad, and infrastructure building with the new concert hall project. These are some of the aims of “cultural diplomacy” as we know it. That’s certainly why natural bounds of friendship were tied between the French Institute and the Orchestra."

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Institut français d'Ecosse