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As part of the 2017 East Neuk Festival, SCO Wind Soloists perform a Mozartian masterpiece - the composer's Serenade No 12 in C minor - in the quaint coastal village of Anstruther.

Octet D72 (Minuet and Finale)
Serenade No 12 in C minor K388
Suite from the opera 'Axur, re d'Ormus'

SCO Wind Soloists


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"You'd be hard-put finding better wind ensemble playing. That these are colleagues, who sit next to each other day-in, day-out was evident in every sinuous interchange, every synchronised breath, every well-meshed articulation and intuitively balanced chord. As individuals, they play with the forthrightness of orchestral principals; as a group, they share nuances as instinctive chamber musicians". The Guardian