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An Aberdeen school pupil who composed a piano concerto and dedicated it to those who have suffered due to the Coronavirus pandemic, has had the chance to perform and record his work with musicians from the Scottish Chamber Orchestra.

The young composer, Aaron Magill, was due to perform his piece during a concert at Albyn School back in March. However, the concert had to be cancelled due to the outbreak of COVID-19.

In response, Aaron decided to dedicate his composition to those suffering due to the pandemic. By recording and uploading his music to YouTube, he hoped that it would offer comfort to any listeners who discovered it.

Aaron’s mother Shirley Magill, a music teacher at Albyn School, then shared the video with the Scottish Chamber Orchestra who, after hearing Aaron’s work, offered to perform alongside the young musician for a special online video recording of his music.

Although many miles apart, the SCO musicians turned their homes in the Scottish Highlands, Edinburgh and Spain into performance spaces, using Zoom Recorders to capture part of the second movement of the piano concerto. The different parts were then edited together into a single film by our multitalented SCO Principal Flute André Cebrián.

Leading the performance on the piano, Aaron plays alongside our Principal Flute André Cebrián, First Violin Kana Kawashima, Sub-Principal Cello Su-a Lee, Principal Double Bass Nikita Naumov, and Sub-Principal Viola Felix Tanner.

Talking about the recent recording and the experience, Aaron Magill said...

When I heard that the SCO were prepared to record the final part of my piece in lockdown, with me playing the solo piano part, I was very excited and so grateful for the opportunity. After all the disappointment of our original concert being cancelled, it was a wonderful prospect to have the chance to play alongside professional musicians and to hear my music performed so beautifully. I can’t thank the SCO players enough for their willingness to record my music.


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