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Given that we should have been performing wonderful works from Mendelssohn and Helen Grime for you this evening, we thought we'd try the next best thing...

We have put together a digital concert pack, featuring a performance video of Helen Grime's Percussion Concerto from Colin Currie, a storytelling insight, the concert programme notes and a playlist - bringing the concert hall right into your living room 🎶


Inspired by Mendelssohn’s love of Scotland, join storyteller Anna Lehr and SCO Cello Eric de Wit as they take you on a journey through the traditional Scottish folk tale of “The Seamaiden”.

'Mendelssohn wrote the "Scottish Symphony" inspired by the country and as a fellow German I can understand how overwhelmed he must have felt when he first arrived! Gloomy landscapes, rainy hills, the most picturesque lochs, as well as the deepest sea. German countryside, as much as folklore and the stories by the Brothers Grimm, are coined predominantly by the deep dark woods. The great outdoors in Scotland however, as well as Scottish fairy tales, most of the time feature some form of water. Rain, sleet, fog; lochs, rivers, burns and the sea, you name it. And with it come of course all the different creatures that lurk in their depths… so we thought it would be quite befitting to tell you a - slightly revised version of - the traditional Scottish tale of ‘The Sea Maiden'!' - Storyteller Anna Lehr

Scottish percussionist Colin Currie was due to perform Helen Grime's new Percussion Concerto, alongside Mendelssohn's Symphony No 3 'Scottish' and Overture, The Hebrides, under the baton of François Leleux. You can listen to our recording of these Mendelssohn works here but to experience Helen Grime's new Percussion Concerto, Colin has very kindly filmed a short video for you to enjoy...


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