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No 1:'The Truth Will Always Be' from the album Secret Story
Pat Metheny
I don’t think there is a piece of music that has yet to beat this track for me in terms of combining beautiful jazz improvisations and melodic/harmonic flow with gorgeous orchestral writing.

No 2: 'An Ending (Ascent)' from the album Apollo
Brian Eno
I found a tape of this piece under an old railway bridge. I suppose the first “ambient” music I had come across as a child.

No 3: 'Two Grey Rooms' from the album Night Ride Home
Joni Mitchell
It’s not as frequently played as some of her other popular tracks. I like her “jazz” era the best.

No 4: Children’s songs (album)
Chick Corea
This album inspired me to write my own series of piano pieces connected to my music and mountains projects with children.

No 5: 'The Weakness In Me'
Joan Armatrading
I have always loved this beautiful and honest song. Joan came to our final graduation at LIPA.

No 6: 'Dark Side of the Moon' (album)
Pink Floyd
I found this album on the floor while I was baby-sitting age 14 and it changed my musical landscape forever!

No 7: Stravinsky, Symphonies of Wind Instruments (1947 version)
Portland Youth Philharmonic
This track inspired me to write a piece for my first woodwind ensemble written for Liverpool’s 10:10 Ensemble.

No 8: Max Richter, 'On the Nature of Daylight'
A composer that writes provocative, simple melodies.

No 9: Boiler Room Berlin Set 2014
David August
I love electronica and dance music and this combines hypnotic beats with melodic certainty.

No 10: 'The Lake'
Laurie Anderson
I love the lyrics to this song. It’s mystical with a topping of uncomfortable darkness. Wonderful! I listened to this song many times while I was walking the length of Scotland in 2019.


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