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Masterworks - Our flagship project for secondary schools

Masterworks - the SCO’s flagship project for secondary schools – gives students a fantastic opportunity to experience the excitement of a live orchestra up close. In September 2016, SCO Masterworks featured Gabriel Prokofiev’s Concerto for Turntables and Orchestra. Musicians of the SCO were joined by five-times world champion DJ Mr Switch, who scratched, sampled and manipulated orchestral sounds, and by Rachel Leach, who introduced the composition and musical concepts in an engaging and interactive presentation. A total of 729 pupils from 36 schools attended performances in Edinburgh, Selkirk and Glasgow.

Prior to the concerts, SCO musicians led experiential workshops in 11 secondary schools across Edinburgh, Glasgow and the Scottish Borders, working with a total of 173 students. These workshops developed students’ understanding of the Concerto format and enabled them to create their own short concertos, working with professional musicians and using collaborative compositional processes.

Students and teachers were very enthusiastic about the whole project, gaining a deeper understanding of the piece through the live performances and enhancing their skills as creative musicians through the workshops.

"The workshop allowed me to think of music as a fluid experience, as opposed to just specific pinpoints of information that must be written down and performed exactly as instructed."
Secondary School Student, Edinburgh

"The work articulated well with the Understanding Music part of the SQA Course – I counted 23 different SQA concepts being discussed and used in the workshop – and there were probably more! Plus numerous non-SQA Concepts too."
Music Teacher, Scottish Borders

"This was the best SCO Masterwork to date. Refreshing, informative, purposeful and with a serious impact to the Understanding Music course."
Music Teacher, Edinburgh

You can find out more about our Masterworks project here.