Sir Peter Maxwell Davies (1934–2016)

MAXWELL DAVIES Sir peter Composer LaureateWe are deeply saddened to hear that our Composer Laureate Sir Peter Maxwell Davies has passed away. He was 81 and had fought a long and hard battle with Leukemia.

Roy McEwan, Chief Executive of the Scottish Chamber Orchestra expresses, “Everyone at the Scottish Chamber Orchestra is deeply saddened by the passing of Sir Peter Maxwell Davies. Max’s relationship with the SCO has been one of the defining characteristics of the Orchestra, emerging before it was 10 years old and stretching to his wonderfully evocative orchestral work Ebb of Winter, written for our 40th Anniversary in 2014. In fact, we have recently been working together on a new project for the coming 2016/17 Season. At the core of his twenty works which were commissioned or premiered by the SCO, were the 10 Strathclyde concertos, celebrating the talented musicians within the Orchestra and Max’s special relationship with us. This relationship was deepened by the many trips we took to Orkney as part of the St Magnus Festival which was created and inspired by Max. He was a man of great personal warmth and compassion as well as a fearless campaigner for those causes that he believed in. He will always be an important part of the Scottish Chamber Orchestra’s life and history and indeed the musical life of Scotland.”


SCO Commissions and Premieres of Sir Peter Maxwell Davies' music

1983 - Into the Labyrinth
1983 - Sinfonietta Academica commissioned by the University of Edinburgh on the occasion of its 400th anniversary
1986 - Fourth Symphony
1987 - Strathclyde Concerto No 1 for Oboe & Orchestra (premiered by Robin Miller)
1989 - Strathclyde Concerto No 2 for Cello & Orchestra (premiered by William Conway)
1990 - Strathclyde Concerto No 3 for Horn, Trumpet & Orchestra (premiered by Robert Cook and Peter Franks)
1990 - Strathclyde Concerto No 4 for Clarinet & Orchestra (premiered by Lewis Morrison)
1992 - Ojai Festival Overture - Robert Calder Davis, Jr
1992 - Strathclyde Concerto No 5 for Violin, Viola & Orchestra (premiered by James Clark & Catherine Marwood)
1992 - Strathclyde Concerto No 6 for Flute & Orchestra (premiered by David Nicholson)
1993 - Strathclyde Concerto No 7 for Double Bass & Orchestra (premiered by Duncan McTier)
1993 - Strathclyde Concerto No 8 for Bassoon & Orchestra (premiered by Ursula Leveaux)
1993 - A Spell for Green Corn: The MacDonald Dances - Donald MacDonald for SCO
1994 – Carolísima - Serenade for chamber orchestra – commissioned by Jens Høgel, to celebrate his wife's 50th birthday
1995 - Strathclyde Concerto No 9 for Wind Soloists (premiered by Lis Dooner, David Nicholson, Maurice Checker,     Ruth Ellis, Lewis Morrison, Alison Green)
1996 - Strathclyde Concerto No 10
1997 - The Jacobite Rising for soloists, chorus & orchestra – commissioned by Alistair Grant to commemorate the 250th Anniversary of the Jacobite Rising 1745/46
1998 - Sea Elegy for soloists, chorus & orchestra
2004 - The Fall of the Leafe
2013 - Ebb of Winter, commissioned and premiered by the Scottish Chamber Orchestra for its 40th Anniversary.

MAXWELL DAVIES 80th Bday Prom 2014
MAXWELL DAVIES 80th Bday Prom 2014MAXWELL DAVIES 80th Bday Prom 2014MAXWELL DAVIES 80th Bday Prom 2014