60 Second Interview with Gregory Batsleer

Batsleer, Gregory 2What do you enjoy about being part of a chamber orchestra chorus?
We at the SCO Chorus focus predominantly on the Baroque and Classical periods, this repertoire is particularly close to my heart. This gives the performers a greater sense of freedom and responsibility to express the music.

Do you have a favourite work for Chorus?
I don’t really have a favourite, usually the piece we’re working on becomes my favourite work and as it happens the Brahms Requiem is one of the finest choral works ever written.

At what age did you start singing? Did you ever consider another instrument or was it always voice?
I first joined a choir at aged 8 and became amazed by the feeling of making music with other people. I also played the cello until the age of 18. Some of my most memorable moments were playing cello in a local youth orchestra. However, the power and versitality of the singing voice has always inspired me.

How do you see your role with the SCO Chorus?
Artistically I am responsible for the development and standard of the SCO Chorus and I take great pride in this. In order to make great music with people, there also has to be a personal connection and we have developed this. I feel like I am amongst great friends and family at the SCO and I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved and what the future holds.


The SCO Chorus celebrates 25 years in 2016. Hear them perform in Brahms Requiem 17-18 March and Bach Magnificat 28-29 April