SCO Tartan Scarves

Donald Gillan

We are delighted to announce that a limited number of beautiful lambswool scarves will soon be available in the SCO tartan! Made from the finest quality 100% lambswool, the scarf represents SCO heritage: the tartan has been exclusively designed by Kinloch Anderson, Scotland’s foremost experts in Highland Dress since 1868, and is modelled above by SCO Cellist Donald Gillan. It has been officially registered on The Scottish Register of Tartans and accredited by the Scottish Tartan Society.

The story behind the tartan design is one of legacy. The sett, which is the technical term for the particular pattern of stripes in a tartan, is based on the Ferguson clan tartan to represent the legacy of Sir Charles Mackerras and his relationship with the SCO. His lasting influence on the players continues to shine through on the platform. There is a strong prominence of the MacDonald clan tartan to represent Donald and Louise MacDonald, who have generously supported and been the lifeblood of the Orchestra since the early 1980s. Another strong influence comes from the Maxwell clan tartan to represent the SCO’s commitment to the creation of new music through their long-standing relationship with composer Sir Peter Maxwell Davies.

MAXWELL-DAVIES, Peter - tartan

The first product to be made in the new tartan was a waistcoat for Sir Peter Maxwell Davies as a gift from the Orchestra to mark his 80th birthday. It was presented to Max in London during rehearsals for a special concert at the BBC Proms on his birthday in 2014. He then wore it on stage during the performance sitting with music writer and presenter Tom Service, while the SCO played Ebb of Winter, Strathclyde Concerto No 4 and An Orkney Wedding including Dimitri Ashkenazy on Clarinet and Robert Jordan on Bagpipes. 

The SCO tartan scarf costs £29. To make an order, please download our Tartan Scarf Order Form and send it to the address provided. You can also enquire at the SCO merchandise desk at concerts or telephone 0131 557 6800.