Help the SCO to purchase a double bass

Over the years, occasional grants from the Scottish Government, as well as individual gifts and legacies, have enabled us to purchase a number of instruments crucial to the music we perform, such as our timpani, basset horns, celeste and harpsichord. This year our focus is on acquiring a double bass and we need your help.

The double bass sometimes comes to the fore with a solo or a particularly prominent part, but mostly it is in the background supporting the harmonies, creating rhythms and adding its rich tone to the overall orchestral mix. As the biggest string instrument in the Orchestra, it undoubtedly acts as a stable foundation - but it is not easy to transport!

Nikita Naumov

As you may know, we currently have two double basses in our core ensemble, but there are many occasions when we need three, four or even five double basses on stage. As a charity with limited financial resources, the cost of hiring and transporting additional double basses can be substantial. This therefore restricts our choice of repertoire and the opportunities we can give to aspiring young players performing with the SCO.

We hope to raise £20,000 towards the cost of a new, high quality double bass. 


By donating today, you will be helping the SCO make an investment for the future and ensure we remain an attractive and vibrant place for young musicians to flourish.

For more information or if would like to make a donation by telephone, please call Laura Hickey on 0131 478 8344.