SCO VIBE | All You Need To Know

Thinking of coming to SCO VIBE | Aberdeen in November? We sat down with SCO VIBE Guitarist Matthew, 18, to chat about what it's like to be part of the fusion orchestra!

how did you first get involved with SCO vibe?

The first time I went to SCO VIBE is a funny story. My mum had enroled my sister, who is 14, thinking it was for folk who played traditional orchestral instruments. However, when they arrived, she saw someone with a guitar and asked if guitarists could take part. She called me. I was in my bed but got up, dressed and headed over quickly - it sounded too good to miss! And I’m glad I did.

did you know anyone before you arrived?

I didn’t know anyone else going apart from my younger sister but it really doesn’t take long to get to know folk. You get stuck into working together straight away in such a fun-filled and easy atmosphere that in no time at all you know practically everyone.

what is the first thing that happens at sco vibe?

Registration, setting up, a getting to know you session, warm ups and an explanation of what SCO VIBE is all about.

What happens during the breaks?

Jam sessions galore! 

How do you come up with the music?

We are presented with a theme and I suppose that just starts the creative process. It’s just a sharing of ideas and no-one is ever wrong.

What is the final performance like?

A total buzz. Family and friends make up the audience and it’s recorded but there’s no pressure.

What is the social aspect of sco VIBE like?

Amazing. You get to know loads of folk who play different instruments, including the tutors. And it does not matter if you're not at the top of your game on your instrument(s). There’s a great sense of involvement - no-one is left out.

I have made friends for life. Like-minded, good folk who I may never have met if it wasn't for SCO VIBE. We continue to support each other with our music and with life in general. 

SCO VIBE | aberdeen

friday 1 - sunday 3 november | cults academy, aberdeen