Year of Young People Showreel

The Year of Young People – and what a year!

Every year since the early 1990s the Orchestra works with thousands of young people – from babies to our future professional musicians.

To all of you, thank you! I am personally never confident playing my instrument but it is workshops like this and people like you who make it easier to keep being musical - Waid Academy pupil at a SCO workshop, October 2018

In the 2018 Year of Young People in Scotland, we have had a brilliant time working with over 10,000 young people in Scotland.

Here are the highlights.

We hope you enjoy our video as much as the people in it enjoyed making music.

It’s really something to be proud of. It’s an amazing piece of music and there was a lot of work put into it, and it makes me feel now that I can go onto other things and they’re not going to be as difficult and they’re going to be better. - WHEC Student, June 2018

In 2018 over 1500 young people from schools across Edinburgh, Glasgow, St Andrews, Ayr, Dumfries and Perth also attended our Season Concerts for free.

It was great to see so many young budding musicians at our concert! Makes a real difference to us on stage! - Su-a Lee, Sub-Principal Cello


We would love to be able to extend our work with young people. Please consider a donation so we can reach even more young people in the future.