Mozart and Cocktails: Bezuidenhout's great joys

Bezuidenhout - Did you know?

Following an acclaimed 2016/17 Season Concert, it is a great joy to welcome back Kristian Bezuidenhout, acclaimed keyboard player and director, in early November for a celebration of Mozart: the most important musical figure in Kristian’s life, his entryway into classical music, and a door that unlocked everything else.

A dangerous obsession with Mozart...

In a 2017 interview with LimeLight Magazine, Kristian mused on his special relationship with Mozart:

“I’m very drawn to Mozart’s place historically and how difficult it was for him… I know he was a wunderkind and had everything laid out for him on a platter in a sense, but Mozart struggled in a most vivid and profound way with his place in the world in a way that someone like Beethoven or Haydn never had to deal with. Mozart sets up this unbelievable life for himself in Vienna in the 1780s and would have said something like: OK, to hell with Salzburg, to hell with the security of a normal position, I’m just going to go it alone and teach and play concerts and write piano concertos and operas and hope for the best.

[Mozart’s music] is consistently the most heart-breakingly beautiful music that I play… it’s that combination of awe and reverence for the quality and beauty of the material, but also, as Rothko [20th century American painter] said so beautifully, that sense of “smiling through tears” that you sense with Mozart. You sometimes get the shivers…"

During his last visit to the SCO, Kristian described some of the intricacies of the fortepiano: 

On the therapeutic effect of cocktails…

And how does Kristian relax on return from touring? "[laughs] I have to be honest, I love mixing cocktails. That brings so much joy and relaxation. Getting home and finding some new cocktail recipe or creating one from scratch, that is big joy. My brother is an interior designer and interior design remains one of my big passions. Just coming home from a tour and looking after the house, or having people over, making some cocktails and throwing a dinner party, I find that really relaxing."


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Mozart with Bezuidenhout is kindly supported by Colin and Sue Buchan.