The Magic of Dvořák - Season 2017/18

TICCIATI Robin Principal ConductorIn this article, Principal Conductor Robin Ticciati discusses how the Magic of Dvořák forms the backbone of his programmes in our Concert Season 2017/18. His programmes grow from a decade of shared experiences with the Orchestra.

With every new Season it has been an aim of mine to focus on a different composer. Antonín Dvořák forms the backbone of my programmes for this year and in them, we hope to discover, with you, more about this deeply religious man: his early relationship to Wagner, his mentor Brahms, and the world of folk-song; and his eventual journey to the ‘New World’ and the revelation of negro melodies. For Brahms it was Dvořák’s seemingly unlimited inventiveness of melodic material that overwhelmed him – what will it be for you? It is with much excitement that I look forward to Christian Tetzlaff, Sir András Schiff and Karen Cargill joining us for this Season’s project.

My last concert of the Season is perhaps, in some ways, a distillation of my approach to the SCO and what a chamber orchestra actually represents. It features a colossal Dvořák symphony played by the SCO troupe, a band of ‘players’ realising a large score within a chamber context; a Baroque suite with the characteristic SCO blend of modern and period instruments; and an intimate concerto for strings and clarinet starring Maximiliano Martín, our Principal Clarinet.

It is not the size or style of repertoire that dictates the identity of a chamber orchestra; for me, at least, it is the emotional and intellectual approach of each and every player to the score in front of them. It has been a total joy discovering so many possibilities over the last eight years.

Antonín Dvořák and the SCO
Dr Martin Ennis (Director of Music Girton College, University of Cambridge)

For his ninth and final season as Principal Conductor of the SCO, Robin Ticciati has chosen a programme based around works by Antonín Dvořák. In doing so, he revisits some of the repertoire championed by Sir Charles Mackerras in the nineties.

A turn to Dvořák after several seasons exploring core Austro-German music may seem surprising; however, the widespread image of Dvořák as standard-bearer for Czech music can be misleading. For a start, some of the pieces we tend to see as quintessentially Czech are, in fact, representative of a pan-Slavic movement.

Our upcoming 2017/18 Season includes the following concerts featuring by Antonín Dvořák:

1. Robin Ticciati conducts Dvořák’s Eighth Symphony

2. Robin Ticciati conducts Dvořák Piano Concerto

3. Chaos and Creation

4. Robin Ticciati conducts Dvořák Violin Concerto

5. Dvořák 'New World' Symphony

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