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Alongside many of our projects we offer workshops and online resources for non-specialist primary school teachers and secondary school music teachers. Animateurs and storytellers such as Chris Jarvis, Lucy Drever and Rachel Leach join Scottish Chamber Orchestra musicians to give you a lively experience of creative music education, providing new ideas and resources to take back to the classroom.

The CPD was very helpful...suddenly music was not limited to performance or right or wrong, but it was more about the process

Headteacher, Rattray Primary School, 2017

Family Festival

Our annual family festival in February features a weekend of concerts and activities in Perth, Edinburgh and Glasgow. Each year the full orchestra brings a fun, family story to life, along with the help of a narrator. Alongside this we deliver training sessions based on that year’s chosen story led my one of our workshop leaders such as Lucy Drever. Sessions are led much as they would be in the classroom, with activities such as warming up, singing songs in rounds, creating soundscapes and teaching the songs from stories such as Stan and Mabel.

Lovely way to build up observation and listening skills and to develop creativity.

Teacher, Glasgow, 2020


Masterworks takes pupils on a creative journey, offering a fantastic opportunity for upper secondary school music pupils to experience the excitement of a live orchestra up close in concert, and to hone their listening, performing, composing and improvising skills through experiential workshops. The project is designed to open up new sound-worlds to young people, to encourage them to listen to a wider variety of genres, and to equip them with knowledge and musical tools to be more adventurous in their own compositions. Teacher CPD sessions are interactive sessions which explore the compositional techniques employed in the chosen work for the year and are led either by presenter Rachel Leach or SCO musicians.

Our Creative Learning Partner

This project was made possible by the generous support of Baillie Gifford. Their sponsorship is enabling us to reach thousands of people in communities across Scotland.