Orchestra in Residence at the University of St Andrews


Bringing the Orchestra into the heart of university life

Since 2009, we have been proud to be the Orchestra in Residence at the University of St Andrews. Both organisations have enjoyed a close relationship over many years and this designation is the first professional orchestra residency at a Scottish university.

In addition to performing five main season concerts in the University's Younger Hall, our residency involves several collaborative projects, including masterclasses and workshops, the St Andrews and Fife Community Orchestra (StAFCO), and a series of lunchtime concerts giving audiences an opportunity to hear SCO players in solo and chamber repertoire. 

Upcoming Events

Les Nuits d’Eté with Carolyn Sampson | Wednesday 30 January, 19.30, Younger Hall | Book tickets

Big Ears, Little Ears | Thursday 7 February, 10.30 and 11.45, Byre Theatre | Tickets available soon!

Francesco Piemontesi plays Mozart | Wednesday 27 February, 19.30, Younger Hall | Book tickets

Chamayou plays Ravel Piano Concerto | Wednesday 10 April, 19.30, Younger Hall | Book tickets

StAFCO Spring Concert with Nikita Naumov | Wednesday 17 April, 19.00, Younger Hall | FREE tickets on the door

For enquiries, please contact Melissa Jones by email graduatetrainee@sco.org.uk or phone 0131 478 8342.

Alison instantly makes you feel comfortable and you feel like you've been tutored by her for years, which makes learning and absorbing all of her wisdom so much easier... It's so wonderful that we get opportunities like this!
Participant of Flute Masterclass with Alison Mitchell (2018)