Incredible Distance

"This project brought new eyes to wester hailes for me, and i thank you from the bottom of my heart. i used to be quite ashamed to live here. how that has changed after working in this project" - incredible distance participant

Incredible Distance is an audio-visual installation created by the residents of Wester Hailes in collaboration with musician and workshop leader Emma Smith, composer Suzanne Parry, and the Scottish Chamber Orchestra. Over six weeks of sessions at WHALE Arts the group curated a piece of audio-visual artwork which explores the sonic and visual identity of Wester Hailes, capturing snapshots of daily life through the collection of found sound, imagery, film and original musical composition. Woven into an intricate tapestry of sound and imagery by Suzanne Parry and artist Ewan John, the result is part tone poem, part dreamscape, which loosely reflects 24 hours in the life of Wester Hailes.

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Incredible Distance was displayed at the Scottish Society of Artists Annual Exhibition from December 2018-January 2019, at WHALE Arts in January 2019 and at the Fruitmarket Gallery in February 2019.

Incredible Distance is part of the Scottish Chamber Orchestra’s three year Wester Hailes Residency, a three year programme of free creative music workshops and performances for people of all ages. Family events and creative projects for adults take place in partnership with WHALE Arts, and the programme includes trips to SCO concerts in the city centre.

"While community projects are historically viewed in terms of their social utility than artistic merit, Incredible Distance is a formidable audio visual installation which deserved its inclusion at the Royal Scottish Academy’s recent exhibition." - The national

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