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Britten 100: II

Tickets: £10 - £29 (concessions available)
  • Birtwistle
  • Suckling
  • Britten
  • Mozart

Britten was a powerful, Janus-like figure musically, always looking both to the past and the future. This concert celebrates that aspect of the great man by arriving at Mozart’s mighty 40th Symphony by way of two composers who have been associated with Britten’s Festival in Aldeburgh. Birtwistle’s brief Carmen arcadiae presents an intense, dramatic and punchy opening; and Britten surely would have admired Suckling’s absorbing and ambitious storm, rose, tiger. At the heart of the evening stands one of the greatest poetic masterpieces of all time; Britten’s own selection of verse on a theme of night and sleep, which he set with unforgettable brilliance. John Mark Ainsley, as fine an interpreter as you will find, is partnered by the SCO’s virtuoso Principal Horn, Alec Frank-Gemmill.